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XXL Learning Puzzle - My Day

XXL Learning Puzzle - My Day

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Beleduc's XXL Learning Puzzle “My Day” accompanies children through their daily activities and makes a preliminary approach to telling the time in a play context. The puzzle provides an opportunity to recognize and name familiar procedures. The themes and the colourful design of the puzzle presented encourage children to tell stories. You will be encouraged to share your own experiences. 

Benefits & Features:

Helps develop learning skills such as: Coordination & motor skills, Cognition, Communication, Music & movement, Social behaviour, Numbers, Quantities & shapes and more:

    • Executive skills:

      • Planning and learning day routine

    • Visual perceptual skills:

      • Visualization (seeing time)
      • Visual planning (planning activities during the time)
      • Visual closure (putting small pieces together to make a big picture)
      • Visual figure-ground (finding images to match in a background of visual noise)
      • Visual search.
      • Visual discrimination (Color matching)
    • Learning skills:
      • Learning about time and the day.
      • Coordination & motor skills.
      • Cognition.
      • Communication (if more than one player)
      • Social behaviour, Numbers, Quantities & shapes.


  • Dimensions: 30x10x21cm (L x W x H)
  • Age: 4 years +
  • Players: one or more.
  • Contents: Huge 49-piece puzzle + clock to adjust by hand.
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