Avid Sensory Wellness and Dr. Abeer Ahmed

Dr. Abeer Ahmed

Our Mission

Avid Sensory Wellness strives to develop, support, and enrich wellness by providing services and skillfully curated products, focusing on sensory wellness, while embracing all aspects of wellness.

What We Offer

Berard Auditory Integration Training (BAIT)

BAIT is an intervention developed by Dr. Guy Berard from France. It aims to restore auditory sensitivity through a designed program.

This training supports auditory sensitivity and/or distortion issues that can contribute to, or manifest in disorders such as auditory processing disorder, sensory processing disorder, learning disabilities, attention deficit, dyslexia, hyperactivity, misophonia, autism, pervasive developmental disorder, and more.

Wellness & Sensory Products to enrich your life

Sensory: We offer a variety of products that assist in the development, support, and enrichment of our eight senses, handpicked by Dr. Ahmed.

Wellness: The widely known 8 aspects of wellness. It’s about more than just physical wellness. Each aspect of wellness is interconnected with the others and all are equally important in the pursuit of optimal health. We carry carefully chosen and primarily local brands. 

Our Values

We believe that wellness is for everyone. For children and adults with sensory needs or specific health requirements, Avid Sensory Wellness provides access to a skillfully curated list of products and services that can support them in attaining their particular wellness goals. 

Our Story

Avid Sensory Wellness was founded by Abeer Ahmed (MBBCh, MSc, PVT) in 2019. Abeer has been the lead vision therapist at Dr. Moussa’s Vision Therapy and Research Centre since 2007 and has worked as a physician and medical specialist.

Abeer became interested in Berard AIT when her daughter developed hypersensitive selective hearing, misophonia. AIT was not provided in Windsor so she decided to become a Berard AIT practitioner. Her daughter was her first client, and her hypersensitivity was greatly reduced. Abeer now provides the same service to help others.

Through finding and offering solutions to help hypersensitive and sensory deficets, and taking her experience in the medical field and her passion for research Abeer launched Avid Sensory Wellness online store to share her knowledge and expertise with her community.