About Avid Sensory Wellness & Its Founder


Avid Sensory Wellness was founded by Abeer Ahmed (MBBCh, MSc, PVT) in 2019 to provide products and services that develop, support and enrich sensory systems and lives. Abeer has been the lead vision therapist at Dr. Moussa’s Vision Therapy and Research Centre since 2007, and has worked as a physician and medical specialist.  

Wellness Products

Taking her experience in the medical field and her passion for research and shopping for others, Abeer opened up Avid Sensory Wellness store to share her knowledge with her community.
Avid Sensory Wellness online store finds and offers solutions to help hypersensitive and sensory deficient systems. We also offer products that promote healthy lifestyles and sustainability for all ages. Many of our products are made by local businesses in Windsor, Ontario and Canada.

Berard Auditory Integration Training (BAIT)

We offer Berard Auditory Integration Training (BAIT) to overcome auditory hypersensitivities and/or distortions. This is important for conditions of auditory sensitivity issues and auditory processing delays with subsequent communications and academic effects. 
Abeer became interested in Berard AIT when her daughter developed hypersensitive selective hearing, misophonia. AIT was not provided in Windsor so she decided to become a Berard AIT practitioner. Her daughter was her first client, and her hypersensitivity was greatly reduced. Abeer now provides the same service to help others.