🎧 All About Berard Auditory Integration Training

This Tuesday at 6:30 pm at 700 Tecumseh RD E. Suite 201. 

If you know someone who covers their ears or gets easily overwhelmed with sounds indicating hypersensitivities, or if you know someone who can hear you but keeps misunderstanding you or asking you to repeat what you said indicating auditory processing issues, this service is right for them.

It is also great for ASD and all the special populations as they have sensory integration and processing deficits. It is very helpful in learning difficulties, sensory processing disorders, and neurodivergence as ADD.

Here is the main Berard website for more information, research-based studies, testimonials and educational videos.

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🍃👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Hello Canada Summer Multicultural Festival

Join us for the first time at the 7th annual Hello Canada Multicultural Festival on Satuday, June 17th at the Caboto Club from 10:30 am - 8:30 pm.

We are delighted to be participating for the first time in the 7th Hello Canada Summer Multicultural Festival at the Caboto Club. Join us and enjoy browsing our sensory wellness tools and toys. Get to know how Berard Auditory Integration Training may contribute to your sensory wellness. 

*Free admission
*Participation of more than 80 vendors from all over the GTA region.
*Windsor police show, kids’ activities, and more.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The Mom Market at Lakeside Pavilion

Join us at the Kingsville Lakeside Pavilion on Saturday the 24th from 10 pm - 3 pm for a day of shopping local at The Mom Market.

Enjoy a variety of sensory wellness products and an introduction to Berard Auditory integration and its importance to our wellness and behaviour.
The Mom Market will be there at the beautiful Lakeside Park Pavilion in Kingsville for a day of shopping with local vendors! There will be 30+ vendors and live music!

Past Events

The Holistic Health and Wellness Expo took place on the 25th of March at Lakeside Park - Kingsville.

The Mama Expo for the second time this year! On Saturday, April 29th at The Caboto Club - Windsor.

For the first time at the Health, Beauty, & Wellness show on Sunday, April 30th at the Tecumseh Légion Branch 261 - Windsor.

For the first time at the Mom Market Windsor on Saturday, May 27th at the Crossing Outlet Mall - Windsor.