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The Holistic Health and Wellness Expo, organized by Lindsey Ecker will take place on the 25th of March at Lakeside Park - Kingsville from 10 AM - 4 PM.

On this 11th wonderful community event, diverse small wellness businesses with their unique practices and services will come together. Bring your friends and family and come for the day to learn, purchase great products, get mini treatments and nourish yourself with healthy foods, smoothies, coffee and more!


*Entry to the event is FREE.
*Benefits of attending will offer you:

  • iTovi Health Scans
  • Customized Health Plans
  • Gift Bags
  • Giveaways
  • Discounts

All to suit each person's preference.

*Promotion Update: 

Enjoy an automatic 10% on the website during the event's day for online shopping! active now!

Enjoy a 5% off Berard Auditory Integration Training when a free consultation is booked during the event and the program is completed within two months.

*A bit about the faces behind the small businesses: 

Lindsey Ecker - Lindsey is a holistic practitioner in Access Bars, PSYCH-K and Aromatherapy. Her deep listening skills and healing presence create seismic shifts for evolution. Her courses Moving Through Emotions, Mindful Movement and Intuitive Aromatherapy are powerful experiences. iTovi health scanner sessions at Expo! 519-322-8340 You can also find her at Estate of Health.


Amanda Robichaud - Amanda is ZYIA Activeware Representative, mom and wife. She  wants to share the  community of belonging, that uplifting women that are always there for you and do exist, that light should be spread to everyone, and oh all the clothes fit and support an active lifestyle. Giveaway at Expo! 519-987-3583! You can also find me on socials via  CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL!


Andrea Kornelsen with GelMoment spa products that are non toxic, cruelly free and vegan friendly. DIY at home spa days. Saving time and money because self care doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Join the fun on my social media and be automatically entered to win any nail kit for 50% off.



Brenda Gagnier - Brenda is an Independent Epicure Consultant. Kingsville.  She loves to share the great Gluten-free, Low-Sodium, Low-Sugar spice mixtures.  Save time in the kitchen - a healthy family meal in less than 20 minutes?  Epicure’s Meal Solutions are the answer.  Save $$$.  The spices are reasonably priced and better than the grocery store.  Save by bulk ordering delivered to her in Kingsville. 226-202-0455

Dr. Abeer Ahmed founder of Avid Sensory Wellness, and the lead vision therapist at Dr. Moussa’s Vision Therapy and Research Centre. She helps families with auditory sensitivity, distortions or delays in processing and more through Berard Auditory Integration Training. She also has an online store that offers selected sensory wellness products from developmental baby & child toys to sensory personal care tools. From local small businesses to award-winning toy makers focused on sensory wellness.

Samantha Stycuk- Sam is an Alternate Wellness Coach and Advocate for Mental & Emotional Health/Wellness. She is also the owner of M.E. Wellness Alternative Therapy which promotes education & mindfulness in the daily products you use. Nontoxic, handmade products with quality ingredients; infused with pure essential oils to uplift and/or comfort your mind, body and encourage emotional wellness. Inspiring change, and empowering others to take their power back with a mindful & proactive alternative approach.

New Earth Wellness-Tecumseh, 2 innovative sound and light therapy chambers called the Harmonic Egg which empowers the body’s own healing energy by using the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry, light, colour and sound frequencies. Energy that is precisely controlled, consistent, and repeatable builds within the expansive chamber, connects with your autonomic nervous system, bringing the brain into a deep theta (dream) state of meditation to allow the natural healing of the mind, body and spirit. Social work and psychotherapy available as clients may use benefits for a Harmonic Egg session. 226-347-2344 for more information. Discounts and Giveaway at the Expo!!!

Valerie Judas of Black Sheep Knits
Creating custom hand knit and crochet items for all ages and sizes. See more on Instagram @blaksheepknits or my personal page on Facebook

Carly Del Cianacio, HNCP and microscopist at Thrive Live Blood Microscopy. Have you made changes to your diet & lifestyle, and still find you’re not feeling your best? Live blood microscopy can reveal the imbalances that are holding you back, so we can create a plan for you to feel better faster. I also offer Ion Cleanse or “foot detox bath” treatments on site. Stop by my booth for a giveaway and a very special, expo-only offer.

Roger Bastien and Noreen Van Waes, PureTrim Independent Promoters. Two youngsters at heart who love to help people experience a second chance at life, to be the best version of themselves, through HEALTHY PLANT BASED SUPPLEMENTS, AND MENTORING. Come TRY before you buy!! Contact us at 519-981-0476; ONLINE:

Laura King - Beautycounter consultant. She is passionate about sharing, educating and creating awareness of the lack of regulation in the cosmetic and beauty industry, while simultaneously introducing you to luxurious high-performing SAFER beauty and personal care products from Beautycounter. Shop: Stop by to enter the raffle for free product!

Bespoke Aromatherapy Offering 1:1 Personal Diffuser Mini Consultations at the Expo for $20
Certified Aromatherapist, Laura Stainer specialises in essential oil blends to assist with stress and anxiety, say hello and sit down with her to create your own “Bespoke Blend”. Instagram: @bespokearomatherapy

Green Heart Kitchen We are a health conscious store in Kingsville where you can find thoughtfully sourced meals, salads, bowls, smoothies and fresh baked bread. All of our meal packaging is biodegradable or recyclable. We will offer a selection of bowls and salads along with smoothies at the Holistic Health & Wellness Expo this year! Facebook: @greenheartkitchen_kingsville IG: greenheart_kingsville

My Grind Coffee Co. My Grind Coffee Co, Kingsville, Ontario. Premium quality coffee without the confusing coffee terminology. We provide a cup of coffee that resonates and allows you to take on each day with a positive mindset. Goal: allowing coffee lovers to cater to their tastes and customize their own signature blends. Supplements and coffee additives to truly take the coffee-drinking experience to the next level. FB - My Grind Coffee Co. @mygrindcoffee


The Energy Light HouseWe are a family oriented Holistic facility that practices and teaches various Energy Based Modalities. We do Access Bars, Access Facelift, Access Body Processes, Reiki, Aura Readings Life Coaching, Health Coaching as well as meditation groups, yoga and Energy Based classes. Instagram  @thenergylighthouse  519-796-6216


Melissa McLeod ~ Essential Design. In addition to creating jewelry, I am a Drama teacher and a mother of two from Kingsville, ON. I started designing jewelry around 8 years ago and fell in love with the beauty and power of crystals and gemstones. I create earrings, semi precious bracelets, necklaces and malas. I am also trained as a level 2 reiki practitioner and infuse my pieces with positive, healing energy! My favourite thing to see is someone really connecting with a piece. I will have many beautiful necklaces, earrings and malas available to show at the expo and am also open to creating custom pieces. 


Trang Harder – Trang is a local Mortgage Agent as well as Life Insurance Agent. In this high interest/inflation environment, one of the top stressors in our lives are finances.  Families are struggling financially, and many are asking “what can I do?”.  Trang is passionate about guiding and educating her clients on the best mortgage option for their situation.  If you see Trang at the expo, feel free to say hi, or if you have questions/concerns about your own mortgage, she is more than happy to have a conversation.


Lori Lynn Ursu, Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist - Since 2014, Lori has been improving the health of her clients one foot at a time.  Foot Reflexology Therapy has been around for hundreds of years - paintings of people performing foot and hand reflexology therapy were found on the walls inside the Physician’s Tomb - a pyramid in Egypt.  Reflexology Therapy is safe, non-invasive and very relaxing.  By applying pressure to specific reflexes (without any tools or instruments) - the body is assisted to a state of homeostasis.  In this state of balance it can begin to heal and relieve stress…the benefits are too numerous to list here.  Working out of JEM Glamorganic Spa in Harrow - she looks forward to spending the day at the EXPO!   


Mill Creek Candle Company is family-owned and located in the heart of Kingsville, ON. We curate small-batch, pure soy wax candles. Our clean burning candles are created with a focus on health, wellness and self-care. All of our candles are paraben and phthalate free, infused with essential oils and made with cotton and paper wicks. We offer a variety of signature and seasonal scents in both single wick and three wick sizes. Our design includes a reusable, amber glass jar with linen labels and black metal lids to add warmth to your space and compliment any décor! @millcreekcandlecompany


  • Berkey Water Filters
  • Tawnya Ennis Yoni Eggs
  • Synergy Wellness Stephanie Santos
  • Rob Meloche Vision Expanding mini treatments
  • AmplifyOn
  • Dawn Crawley
  • The Wooden Spoon
  • Trang Harder Mortgage Specialist
  • Natural Pathways Forest School
  • Old Soul YQG
  • Linda Feldman
  • Samantha George Colour Lounge and Beauty Boutique
  • Candace Macdonald Registered Massage Therapist
  • Estate of Health Kingsville
  • Soul Awakening School
  • Mill Creek Candle Company
  • Not Just Another Stone

and more!

*Keywords to inform you of what you'll experience there:

  • Chiropractic
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Functional Wellness
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki
  • Learning Support
  • Financial Wellness
  • Healthy Food
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Healy
  • Natural Personal Care Products
  • Coffee
  • Crystals
  • Massage Therapy
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Hearing Support
  • Local Artisans

*The list is still growing so be sure to check the event's page to stay up to date or visit their Instagram page here