Weighted Frog
Weighted Frog
Weighted Frog
Weighted Frog

Weighted Frog

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The weighted frog is a sensory tool used to calm, and comfort and helps diminish anxiety and agitation while improving levels of concentration and attention.

Being the heaviest Manimo, it can be placed on your thighs or your chest, becoming the ideal relaxing partner.


  • Brings comfort
  • Soothes excess energy
  • Encourages relaxation and sleep
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Promotes attention and concentration
  • Helps regulate emotions and behaviors

  • Color: Green
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Dimensions: 46 x 42 x 6.5 cm
  • Age: 3 years+
  • Material: Exterior: 80% polyester and 20 % elastane on top, 100 % polyester on the bottom. Non-toxic polyethylene beads line the interior.

How to clean your Manimo:
  1. Hand wash with a mild detergent in cold water. Don't wring your hands.
  2. Lay flat to dry.

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