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Avid Sensory Wellness

Stretchy Coil Fidget Bracelets - Rainbow

Stretchy Coil Fidget Bracelets - Rainbow

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These sensory coil bracelets are an engaging option that can be squeezed, folded, rolled and twisted. These fidget toys can be worn as a bracelet, used as a hair tie or just stowed in a pocket. Stay focused and reduce stress and anxiety with these quiet sensory aids.

Benefits & Features:

  • Functions as stylish sensory bracelets that kids can feel confident wearing while out with friends, at school or at home.
  • Engages interest and may help improve overall sensory processing, and related emotions and behaviours.
  • Provides children with a point of focus, that can assist with filtering out extra sensory information.



  • Material: Made of plastic - not silicone like other Munchables. (NOT intended to be chewed on)
  • comes in a bundle of 3 assorted colors
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