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Avid Sensory Wellness

Mesh Marble Fidgets

Mesh Marble Fidgets

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Munchables' Mesh Marble Fidget Toys are great for kids who like to wriggle and twiddle. Squeeze, fold, roll and twist these discreet sensory toys. They are a quiet, cute outlet for excess energy and are easily hidden in a pocket or under a desk. Stay focused and reduce stress with these quiet sensory aids.


  • Color: They come in a set of six - one of each: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
  • Weight: 5g each
  • Dimensions: 9cm (∼3.5") across.
  • Age: 3 years+ (CHOKING HAZARD - Not for children under 3 years)
  • Material: Made of durable, closely-knit nylon - not silicone like other Munchables.

How to Clean your munchable:

  • With mild soap and water.

*PLEASE NOTE: These fidget toys are NOT intended to be chewed on.

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