Avid Sensory Wellness' own created lava tasbeeh beads offer you a unique sensory experience while functioning to your spiritual needs. 
These tasbeeh beads can be used to diffuse essential oils directly from the lava stones. Made using Lava Stones and colorful beads. In addition to providing a grounding feeling, these tasbeeh beads help develop a lot of skills and senses.

Benefits & Features

Olfactory (smell) sensory experience

Enjoy the effect of the chosen scent (for example, calming, refreshing or energizing) via the lava rocks, which soak the scent and continuously emit it all day.

Tactile (touch) sensory experience

Touching different textures and surfaces, smooth, rough, or faceted, while rolling them.

Visual skills

Different colors, sizes and designs. Many visual processing skills with counts, rhythm and lap timings.

Fine motor skills

Hand and fingers rolling and separating the beads and the counter beads.

Enhancing math skills development

Multiplications of 3 and 11. As well as lapping it for the multiplication of 5 counter beads.

Time perception skills

Awareness of how long it takes to do 11, 33, and their multiplications.

Making time for dhikr/ spiritual wellness.

Eases stress and urge for fidgeting.

It keeps the fingers busy moving which relieves the need to fidget, while practicing dhikr, which is greatly calming.


Not suitable for children under 3 years old.Colored lava beads and colored beads are not waterproof. They are not intended to be wet or soaked in water.Chalking hazard. This is not a toy and it is not meant to be pulled apart vigorously.

**This is a beta product and it is available in limited quantities.

** For orders: Please contact us with your wish of color and customization of tasbeeh words and name spelling.