• K.S.

    "For a while now I have suffered from overly sensitive hearing. I would be sharing a meal with friends or family and the only thing I could focus on was the sound of chewing, scraping, and the clinking of silverware. I was no longer engaged in the conversations around me. Typically, I would grow irritated and become overcome with anger where I would have to walk away from the table or lash out at those around me. I was introduced to Berard Auditory Integration Training and decided to give it a try. Within the first week of training, those around me noticed that I was calmer, less irritated, and better focused. Almost a year later, I am still seeing the positive changes BAIT made. I am so happy that I am able to engage with those around me and focus on the conversation versus what is going on around me. Thank you so much!"

  • Parent of ASW client

    "My daughter is really excelling in school after completing her treatment."

  • R.B.R.

    "It was a pleasure meeting Abeer at the 2022 Mama Expo. She kindly explained her business and showed me her wellness products. I ended up winning a weighted blanket, a very generous gift which she delivered herself. My husband who has trouble sleeping has enjoyed the blanket most, I thought perhaps he would find something like this too warm but it's not, and he feels it has benefited his sleep. Thank you Abeer!"

  • S.F.

    "Such a great shopping experience and so much to choose from! A unique assortment of wellness products, it's a one stop shop! From the website to order to delivery, world class!"

  • D.N.

    "I love ordering from Avid Sensory ! Their customer service is amazing and the products are very high quality. It’s amazing to see a local business supporting other local businesses as well."

  • M.M.

    "Love my Lava Rock Beads Bracelet from ASW, the best invention ever! It's literally my portable de-stresser xD The scent of my essential oil lasts on my wrist for whenever I need to. They have beautiful essential sensory wellness products I never knew existed! Thank you for an amazing experience!"